Lynn Rymarz
Bringing History Alive for kids

Lynn Rymarz, storyteller and author


I offer interactive workshops on writing. These will be 45 minutes long and can be adapted for different age groups.

The Four W's of Writing Nonfiction

Putting pencil to paper, we will explore how to incorporate the Who, What, When and Where into our nonfiction stories. I will show examples using my nonfiction articles with Cricket Magazine and Highlights for Children.

Digging into the Past

We will explore how to find the right sources which will help bring students’ nonfiction stories to life using, diaries, newspapers, photographs and more. I will use examples of some of those sources I have used in my bringing my scripts and articles to life.

It Starts With An Idea:
How to Write a Story
from Start to Finish

This workshop will explore the many ways to jump start your story from the first line to the last word. A story can go in many directions. How do we find the best way to tell it? Using examples of my magazine articles I will show how my own stories got crafted and revised.

How to Bring An Oral Report to Life

I will give tips on how to write an oral report, how to liven it up with interesting props and how to find unique costumes. I will incorporate in this workshop some of my own props and costumes I have used.

Lynn Rymarz
Lynn Rymarz